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Andy, TheDragonHat

The great YouTuber Andy, TheDragonHat has done a great review on his YourCraft-ing Skin toy that I mentioned in the last blog;

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Minecraft Character Plushies! (◕‿◕✿)
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Mine-O-Rama and a Youtuber

Hello everyone,

I have some big and exciting news. 
Some when this week a YouTuber calledAndy, TheDragonHatwill showing and maybe reviewing this little guy: 

He's based on The Dragon Hat's skin and has a removable jacket, bag and hat. 

If you like this toy and want to show your support on my YourCraft-ing Skin toys please link us on Facebook;, where I post all the latest news and the newest photos of the toys. 

I will also like to talk about Mine-O-Rama.

Some quick updates


I have some quick updates for you guys. I am going to be putting two garments from previous blogs up for sales. They are the grey top from thisblog and the black chiffon shirt from thisblog. They should be up in the next day or so.

Secondary, I am now selling a Minecraft inspired skin toy, calledYourCraft-ing Skin. If you would like to know what Minecraft is please follow the link; 
You can order any skin you want as long as you have a picture of the skin.

Thank you and a quick questionnaire

First off I want to thank you for the feedback I have been receiving, it's nice to know that people are reading my blog or at least using them for advertisement for things.

Second, I will get back to writing blogs, I've got a lot of things on at the moment that are taking a lot of my time. But once my schedule has cleared up enough I'll do more blogs. As always if you have anything you would like me to do a blog about leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, I have a small questionnaire on a study I'm doing about making phone calls.

Hidden stitch

Hi everyone,

I was going to do a video today and I did do one, however you can't see what I was doing in the video, the fabric and thread are too dark. So I will show a quick drawing below and describe what I have done. sadly because I did a video I didn't take any photos. 

What I did today was fix a pair of trousers, the seam just below the zip had come apart and was coursing the person trouble when doing them up. So the best way I find to fix them is to do a hidden stitch. 

Making a Turtle soft toy

Hi Guys,

Video blog! Hope you enjoy it. If you would like to see the pattern I used let me know and I will put it up on here. 

I hope to put up another blog tomorrow. If you have any suggestions on what I should blog about leave a comment below.
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How to make a stuffed Turtle

Making a plain dress in to a clubbing dress

I needed a dress for my partner's birthday, he wanted to go clubbing and I didn't feel comfortable in any of the outfits I have. There was a sale on and I saw the perfect dress. Well it wasn't perfect, it needed work, it was too long and was very plain. 

I admit I'm a bigger person and I only fell comfortable in dresses that are to a certain length. I find to the knee is a good length, not too long and not too short. 

Anyway, the first thing I did was cut 16" off the bottom and hemmed it.

Sparkle Slouchy Boots

Hi guys,

This is sadly a quick blog. I had these shoes that I got for work, I didn't like them after I got them on, they looked like they should be a boot. So I decided to change them. I had these sequin leggings that didn't fit anymore. So I decided to cut them up and glued them onto the shoes. 

I cut the leggings at about mid calf. I then glued the widest point of the leggings to the shoes. With the rest of the leggings I unpicked a few sequins. These I glued to the shoes. To spread the sparkle.

First attempt at making a rag doll

Hi first I want to say sorry that I didn't but this post up yesterday, I lost track of the days, with work and stuff and I'm a little embarrassed about how this little guy looks, he's not his best. But because I made him I can now edit the pattern and make him better and once I have found the right pattern I will put it up on here. In industry they do this all the time, they make the same garment lots just to get the right look. 

Anyway, this is the first attempt at this rag doll.

First Items for Sale!!

Hi guys,

Sadly not a making blog today, I should have one tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm just blogging to say that I have some head bands for sale. These are based on the blog I made last year, but will a couple of improvements. These don't have elastic in them because the fabric is stretchy enough. 

I have a couple in stock but I will make to order and I can make other head bands in different colours and fabrics. Contact me for more details
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