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Tie Dye

Sorry for the wait guys, but here it is, I hope it's helpful and I hope that you have fun trying it out for yourself.

Today I'm talking about Tie Dying. I love tie dying when I was younger I used to do it all the time. It was fun, can be messy and easy to get a great result. Yesterday and today I have been having so childhood fun. However, this time it was more controlled. 

There are lots of different ways to tie dye, the normal way that I do mine is by hand dying. You can do it by washing machine, but I normally just do this for dying clothes or fabrics, it normally gets a constant colour, it can go wrong and there can be blotching and fading. 

Anyway, hand dying is where you do it in a bucket or a plastic box. I know someone that has done it in a bath tub, but don't unless you really have to, but it can and probably will stain. Hand dying can be done cold or hot, the dying packet will say what way to do it. 

Don't worry, it's not all going to be writing from this point on there will photos and text to explain.

This is the packet I used today, it's easy to use and can be brought in most places that have a link with crafts. For example, Wilkinsons, hobby craft, or a fabric shop. This one was brought at Reading's  Fabricland, this shop is a great shop and is cheaper than others, with there fabric prices.

To tie dye, the items you will need is string or twine, scissors, the dye, a container to dye in and something to dye (white or pale natural fabric or garment) and somewhere for it to dry (best outside because it can drip a lot.)

Once you have chosen your victim, I mean fabric or garment. 

It's best to go for pale, light or white. And it must be non man-made fabrics, like cotton or silk, poly/cotton blend also works.

the photos above are an example of spiral tie dying. To do this, you have to follow the photos below.


All you have to do for a swirl is twist the fabric, and tie it  and tie down it as many times as you want. You can also tie it in different ways, if you tie it and crisscross the twine it will cause a different effect. 

A tip I forgot to add is, don't leave it in too long. This top I left in for 10 minutes. You can leave it in for a while, the longer the darker, but there is a point where the dye will start to go where you don't want them to. So the best thing to do is check it every now and then, I suggest wear gloves, because the dye will dye your hand. Also it's best to let them dry and then wash them in a washing machine, to get out the remaining dye. 


This is a twice dyed vent. The colours are purple and blue. Purple first.  This was swirled and knotted to make the effects. I just messed around with it and this was the result. I say just have fun with it, if you use the right colours, you're always going to have a good effect. 

If you're unsure and don't want to dye clothes straight a way. Test different ways to tie up your fabric and see what happens. Remember what each one is do and do it with the clothes you want to tie dye.


This one I did the day before with the swirl and purple dye.

This is a bit of fabric that I'm playing with and use towards a project I'm doing. This was done with different techniques; knotting, swirling, folding it in different ways and just playing and messing it up and tying it all together. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Sorry if it's a bit here and there, it's my first instructing blog, I will get better with practice.  

If you want any blogs based on anything let me know and I'll try and do it.

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