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Buttons and Altering

Hi everyone, 

Sorry I haven't been updating recently been busy and haven't had time to update.

I can't tell you everything that I have been doing but I will tell you some tips on fixing buttons and altering the length of skirts, this also applies to trousers.

Lets start with sewing on a lasting button. Buttons are easy, but also can be done wrong very easily. For most garments there is a different way to sew on buttons and the way I'm going to tell you now is for coats, jackets and anything thick fabrics. So perfect for the coming winter.

Lets say you pull out your favorite winter coat from the cupboard and find that a button or two are missing. This is what to do;

First, if you have any buttons find one that is roughly the same colour, size and thickness, this can be very important because if you use the wrong button it's not going to fit in the hole. If you're unsure test it with the button hole, you want it to go through nicely but not too much or it will undo when wearing it.    


 Here's my searching the one in the middle is the original, the others are my spares. I prefer all the buttons to match, so I'll be using the buttons all paired up.     

Once done find a thread that is the same colour, or close enough, and if possible slightly thicker than the average size thread, this is normally called button thread. If you can't, have your thread doubled on the needle. Tie a knot at the end. 

Sew your first stitch on the side you want the button, making sure that it is a tiny stitch and doesn't go through the other side, if double layered.     

Put your button on the needle and thread. Also you hold the button down, put a pin under the button like the picture below. This is to make the button slightly off the fabric.    

If there is still a button on the garment copy the stitch pattern, if not, do it anyway you want. When you think that you've done it enough, make sure the thread is in between the fabric and the button. Remove the pin and twist the thread round the stitches in between the button and fabric, do this at last 2-3 times.

Finally, tie a knot in the stitches. To do this go through the stitches, loop and go back through the stitches, once through gently pull, as you do put your needle and thread through the loop. 


My friend went crazy in the sales and brought these lovely dresses the only problem with them was that they were too long. So here is my way of shortening and hemming skirts. This way can be done with any single layered garment. 

The first step is to find the size you want, my friend tried on the dresses and I measured and wrote down the length she wanted off.


Once that's decided, I laid a dress at a time on the my work table and marked out the length using pins all the way round. 

This is to be a guide when I cut the not needed fabric off.     


When cutting I left roughly 2cm from the pin. This is so that when I fold the fabric for the hem, I can do it twice. 

And the reason why I still have the pin in there is so that I know how much to fold. Using the pin, find size of the first fold and having the pin at the bottom, gives the size of the hem. I pinned all the way around, folding as I went and taking out the other pins as I went.    

<-- Fold 1

Fold 2  -->

Finally sewing all the way round with my sewing machine in straight stitch on the stretch stitch setting. The dresses we made of jersey, which looks better sewn with stretch stitch, if fabric is not stretchy don't use this setting.

Well I hope this blog is ok and very useful. If you want me to blog about anything or try anything out let me know and I'll see what I can do.      

Thanks for reading,


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Cufflinks for men on 01 March 2013 13:17
I have been searching for a nice buttons for my wedding garments.Your blog have a nice collection of it and i find it from your blog.Thanks man!!
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kim on 01 March 2013 14:44
I'm glad I could help.

Follow the link on 29 May 2013 07:15
It seems like you really know what you're doing. Do you have any tips for those who are beginners in the alteration business?
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